Before having my baby I envisioned myself meeting lots of other mums and creating a solid group of mummy friends. However, once my baby arrived I felt quite isolated. I lived away from family and most of the friends I had around didn’t have children.

Once I became a little more confident I ventured out with the baby to groups & baby classes.  I felt many of them were quite cliquey and I was nearly always the only mother of colour in the room. I wanted my baby to mix with a diverse group of babies and I wanted to mix with a diverse group of women.I began speaking to some other mothers of colour who I knew and found that they had faced similar issues when having their babies.

I decided to start the Colourful Mummy to share some of my experiences being a mother and being a mother of colour. My hope is that it evolves into an online and offline space for mothers of colour to come together and support each other during what can often be a very scary and lonely time.

The Colourful Mummy